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 Greetings! Here’s some helpful info and Frequently Asked Questions that will hopefully answer questions you may have about this awesome online software system you are now part of...

Qigong Exercises What is QigongTracker? Data Tracking Survey Graph

QigongTracker includes powerful software to:

Connect you with an experienced Qigong Coach that best matched your profile.

Provide you with information based on your personal interests and medical needs

Build personal empowerment through weekly Tracking Surveys

Observe your growth and development through our Tracking Survey Graphs

Provide you with the best security possible to protect you information and identity

Allow you to be part of a global data collection program to help promote Qigong

Manage treatment sessions, class & meeting schedules, surveys, and more

Allow you to communicate with your Qigong Coach and, the longer you stay in the system, communicate with others using QigongTracker around the world.

Contribute to an intelligent online system that “gets smarter” as time goes on

If you are a Qigong Coach, this revolutionary program can help you:

Work with people who are matched with you to refine their Qigong practice

Promote activities, classes and events

Help people identify at-risk conditions in a preventative way

Honor cultural and economic sensitivities

Facilitate communication and interaction in a growing global network

Keep Members inspired, informed and proactive

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Frequently Asked Questions: Francesco and Daisy Practicing the Organ Cleansing and Healing Qigong Exercise

Who created this software?

This unique, online software tool was designed by Francesco Garri Garripoli and his international team of programmers. It was originally created as a tool to help at-risk patients in Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto and then because a nationwide medical tracking tool for the Canadian Ministry of Health. Francesco donated to them and went on to evolve the software for use in the non-profit Kahuna Valley organization to assist youth and families on the Hawaiian island of Kaua`i. The County Government and Hawaii Department of Education use this software every day to help empower school students and families participating in educational programs in the area of preventative healthcare and the mind/body/spirit wellness.

How can it help me?

The reason that we call QigongTracker an “empowerment tool” is because we have observed it being used with hundreds of people ranging from teenagers to school principals, from health practitioners to patients - and the most common thing we hear is that people feel “empowered.” When you take one of our Tracking Surveys for a period of time, you start to create your personal Tracking Survey Graph. No one sees this except you and your Coach - security is critically important to us. Your Qigong Coach has been carefully selected to be part of QigongTracker and is there in case you need advice... they may not always be your core "instructor" (but they may be if can ask your instructor to get on the system) but they are seasoned professionals here to help you. This graph represents all the data that you have been feeding into the system about yourself, your weekly practice, everything that the Tracking Survey asks you. You will be able to watch your growth in many key areas through this visual graphic display. People feel empowered when they can see their progress - especially with unique features that we provide showing you where you are in relationship with the “aggregate” group member data. There is an array of intelligence in this software so you are reminded to take your Tracking Surveys via email, you are informed of information that is specifically applicable to you based on the information that you provide. The smarter the system gets, the more you benefit.

If you need to contact one of us in the administration end of things, please click here We are happy to help... and happy that you are using this awesome system.


We wish you all the best in your Qigong practice... keep the faith!

  today's date: Nov 15, 2019
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